When the trip is a present…


If you intend to organiste an incentive that will be personalised and tailor made to answer to the needs of your firm,  with us you will have all the necessary to transform a normal trip into an incentive

In particular:

  • we will conduct an accurate study to better understand the neds and problems of every single participant
  • we will organiste a tailor-made trip based on your firm
  • we will guarantee a preferential treatment durino transfers
  • we will dedicate special attention to your employees during the entire trip
  • we will riserve you exclusive spaces in the restaurants
  • you will enjoy a special treatment in the hotel
  • we will organiste personalised excursions with exclusive visits
  • you will have selected and knowlegeble guides informed of the needs of the entire group
  • we will organise unique events and  visits
  • we will organise Gala evenings
  • we will organiste shows and other forms of entertainment
  • we will arrange, if required, for attendance special guests