Brand Identity and Differentiation are our keywords...


Ours is not a simple image, but a solid passion and professional experience. We work in the travel industry for over 50 years, welcoming thousands of  tourists to countless destinations in Italy. Our Brand Experience has created our group designing a clear picture, global and unique.

We have worked hard on gaining our client’s trust, who is now confident that the product that we show is the product he will get. These are in fact our strong points: our professionality, our transparency, and absolute affidability

The tourist industry is part of one of the most complicated markets, and is in continious evolution and ch’ange, requesting with every coming day a better organization and a higher quality of the services. To successfully cater to this demanding and ever-changing market, we have, along the years, strongly invested in the quality of people that work at AVI and the authenticity of our services. The success of your travel plans in Italy are guaranteed with AVI TRAVEL