To organise your group travel has never been easier.


To get together a group of travellers with the same passion, to give them all an experience that will go beyond a holiday… a life experience… This makes of Avi Travel an exceptional companion

We have been working for over 50 years in the organisation of group travel taking into consideration at every step the needs of the participants, to provide services that will better suit their expectations. We offer you a vast choice of destinations, we suggest you the daily itinerary and we advise you on a series of activities that could interesting to the group. Our success is based on a travel organisation for groups in a unique and authentic way so that participants can live a true experience to remember and that on their return home will be eager to return on a group trip.

We make every single traveller feel inique and not just a small part of the group. All members of the group are travellers and as such their needs and expectations must be met

We suggest different products based on the nature of the group: