Vacations for individual travelers


Avi Travel has a department that deals exclusively with individual travellers that wish to travel on their own, with the utmost autonomy andfreedom. Our itineraries and travel proposals are always very detailed and trustworthy. This is the ideal formula for those wishing to travel in freedom with friends or family.

Our programmes are differentiated by services, period and interest.  The goal is that of fully meeting clients’ needs, from those interested in visiting  the romantic Venice to those wishing to visit the popular Rome, sandy beaches of Sardinia, museum lovers in Florence, to those interested in amphitheatres in South Italy such as those of Pompei and Taormina.

Our FIT department is highly qualified and ready to offer you a personal travel plan with all the services required from accommodation to private transfers and many other activities that you may be interested in

F.I.T. à la carte


Thanks to our 60 year experience, we are able to offer you tailor-made solutions, carefully thought of and created to meet your dreams, so that your trip will be an unforgettable one. With the passing years, our passion has become stronger, we have constantly looked at new horizons and services that we could offer you, widening along the way our expertise and ranger of services offered.

The experience, passion, and professionalità, our rich cultural luggage made up of always new destinations and services, the joy of rendering yours a unique travel experience, and the will to satisfy every single need ot the traveller… these are the points that represent our added value and what differentiates us

Fly & Drive


The Fly & Drive is a wonderful way to visit a country or a specific territori. This choice of travel involves getting to know the destination in a deeper way than with a normal city accommodation or a traditional beach holiday. You can explore the whole of Italy from top to bottom, from the Alps and going down along the Mediterranean Coast to reach Sardinia or Sicily…

Our expert team will render you all their knowledge and help in creating the perfect itineary for your clients. All that is needed to get you to discover our Bel Paese visiting the most interesting destinations full of culture, history, scnery and art. You are however free to choose your own itinerary and the final decision will of course be yours!

Our professionality and knowledgeable team are here to help you and to render your holiday a wonderful experience in total freedom. Flying …… and along the road…. You will see unique places that will be with you forever