• Duration: approx. 1h15
  • Price: adults € 25.00/children € 25.00
  • Day available: daily
  • Difficulty: Easy




Celebrate your evening with an unforgettable show whose main theme is represented by the “Tarantella”, a typical dance of the Southern regions with origins in some undefined bygone period. The Sorrento Musical tells about the daily life of the Southerners in different scenes. The show is not just a revue of traditional songs and dance from the last two centuries: it’s a faithful reconstruction of workday events and festive occasions on the Sorrento Peninsula during ancient times in a 75 min performance with professional dancers, singers and musicians incorporating all the famous old songs from the Neapolitan tradition. You’ll be caught by the hypnotism liberated from the music with songs that represent the memory of time gone and witness the richness of local cultural origins, characters and dancers all dressed for the occasion who dance joyfully with the public creating a magic atmosphere. 






-Meet at Cinema Teatro Armida on Corso Italia 219


-Welcome drink


-Show (approx. 2 hrs)


-Finishing at approx. 11.00 pm





Info and booking:


☎ Telephone: +39.081.8070111

☎ Mobile: +39.3895030651

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